Malaysia GST Implementation


Join our GST Team to walk through the Malaysia GST mechanism and let us show you the simple way to understand the fundamentals. This DVD enable you to adopt the proper and simple approach to implement GST in your organisation.

This DVD set features seven modules, covering the important concepts of Malaysia GST that every business owner and accounting personnel should know. It covers various analyses and applications which used by our team during the implementation process for various industry and organisations.

The set of DVD is suitable for industries such as retailing, manufacturing, trading, service, restaurant and renovation.

In this DVD:

Get the DVD set now and start to enjoy the learning anywhere and anytime you like!

此光碟总共被分为7个课题,其中包含了每一位企业人士及会计人员都必须知晓的的马来西亚消费税重要概念。光碟里包含了我们顾问团在消费税实施期间对于各个行业及机构 所使用的分析方案及应用。零售业, 制造业,贸易商业,服务业,餐饮厅,建筑业等都适合使用此光碟。现在就购取此光碟以享有随时随地都能学习的乐趣吧!


Program Highpoint Preview

Module 1 (Supply) :

To enable ourselves to ask the following questions:
What, how, where and when is GST chargeable?


消费税模式 5 预览 :消费税调整


Module 3 (Responsibilities of a registered person) :

As a GST registrant, it is imperative to understand all of the responsibilities which you must fulfil in contributing to good GST compliance framework.

消费税模式 6 预览 :过渡期的事项


We make a commitment to promote GST learning to the next level. If you would like to dedicate some time for self-learning while having adequate time for your business. Then, you are good to go with the DVD. Or if you figured out tailored consultation is needed, no worries because we are readily available to hear you out and devise proper and refined solutions.
Video Duration : More than 2 hours.


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Shipping fee RM15.00, for 1 - 3 copies
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GST Chief Advisor

Miss Vimmy Yap

Miss Vimmy Yap, a GST Tax Agent licensed by Ministry of Finance (MOF), a Chartered Accountant registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), a fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and an Associate Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM).

Vimmy has been doing researches and case studies on GST system since the Year 2006. She had started the first GST Implementation case for her client in the Year 2010 because she believes that early preparation will results to a smoother implementation process once the implementation date is announced. She has dealt with a wide range of clients with unique needs through her experiences in GST.

After the GST implementation date was announced in the Budget 2014, she focuses on GST Implementation and GST Training both in house and public training. With her self-developed GST Implementation Approach and her dedicated GST Team, she is managing and supervising the GST implementation for companies from various industries which includes hotel, construction, manufacturing, processing, retailing, service and trading.

GST Trainer

Mr Chan HL

Mr Chan HL, a GST Trainer cum GST Committee that is dedicated to handle GST training and implementation. He handles GST implementation for various industry such as hotel, retail, construction, processing, trading etc. With his knowledge and experience in the GST implementation, he is able to share with the participants the practical approach and insights of Malaysia GST.

Mr Chan is graduated from Sunway University College with a Degree in BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance. He attended the GST Tax Agent Course and passed the Assessment which was held exclusively by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD).

He conducts GST training for both in house program and public seminar that organized by various organizations and training providers. On top of that, he was being invited to hold GST Talk in Sunway University College and share his GST knowledge and easy to adopt GST approach to the participants that is joining the work force in a very near future.

GST Trainer

Mr Woon KS

Mr Woon KS, a GST Trainer cum GST Committee conducts GST Training for various organizations in retailing, manufacturing and service industry. As a trainer, his forte was the unuttered clarity, character and command on the subject. With his passion and genuine interest of the people, he is able to speak from the audiences' perspective.

Mr Woon is graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with a Degree in BSc Commerce (Hons) Accounting. He attended the GST Tax Agent course exclusively held by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and completed the examination which is compulsory to become a GST Tax Agent.

GST Trainer

Ms Michele Lim

Ms Michele Lim has completed her BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance in University of The West of England, United Kingdom. She is one of the GST committee in GST Vintage Sdn Bhd with different industries exposures to services, retailing, trading, manufacturing and hotel.

She has exclusive experience in GST Implementation of providing services to her client with efficient approach. She has attended GST Tax Agent course which was organized by Royal Malaysia Customs (RMC) and other workshops organized by professional bodies in Malaysia to keep herself up to date with all the latest development and regulations pertaining to GST.

GST Trainer

Miss Ng YN

Miss Ng YN is a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting in University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). She is one of the GST Committee in our company GST Team. She has exposed herself to GST Implementation in various industries which include trading, retailing, construction and service industry.

Ms Ng is handling GST registration and the operation of TAP (Taxpayer Access Point) System in the Royal Malaysian Customs Department website. She is specialised in GST Accounting, Tax code mapping and submission of GST Return.



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