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SST Timeline

We handhold you from now till year end

SST Return Review (for 1st submission)

  • Explore the scope and chargeability of SST of the company
  • Trace the amount stated in SST form to the supporting documents
  • Cross check the amount stated on supporting documents to accounting ledgers
  • Advise on the invoice, CN and DN format
  • Sampling check on SST related transactions
  • Review the amount inserted into SST form
  • Advise on the non compliance and liability (if any)

WhatsApp Group & Email support

Best use when you needed an answer FAST or any simple ad-hoc specific uncertainties on certain SST treatment. E.g. Scope, exemptions, tax code, SST treatment, SST accounting, and more.

Best use when you need Privacy & Confidentiality, or scenario base questions, or questions involving long explanation with attachment, and more.

GAF Analysis

  • Identify whether your GAF (GST Audit File) format meet RMCD requirement for audit purposes (audit may be on going for 7 years)
  • GST 03 generated from GAF does not match with GST 03 submitted to RMCD (could trigger an audit)
  • Missing account balances in GAF when compared to Trial Balanced generated from accounting software
  • Highlight the blank mandatory fields, eg BRN (Business Registration Number)
  • Fields containing incorrect information, eg BRN appears in invoice number field
  • Missing K-1 number for imported goods in P Record element
  • Tax codes in GAF not defined in JKDM Accounting Software Guide
  • Currency Code in GAF does not comply with ISO Currency Code
  • Identify record counters in F Record Element does not match with the actual count in P, S or L Record Element
  • Advise on the non compliance and liability (if any)

Online Video Learning (SST Implementation)

Abolishing GST

  • The whereabout of SST2.0
  • Why abolishing GST process is important for your company
  • Transition issues
  • Price Control & Anti-profiteering Acts & Regulation
  • And more

SST Implementation

  • Charging Provision & Registration
  • Definition of Manufacturing
  • Taxable Services
  • Facilities
  • Special Schemes
  • Documentation
  • Accounting Basis
  • And more

Isolated SST Issues

  • Issuing/Receiving CN/CN on & After 1st September 2018
  • Sales Tax & Service Tax registration under one company
  • Accounting System (Recommendation)
  • Service Charge
  • Tourism Tax
  • And more

Post SST Implementation Review

  • Assess company’s operation and business nature in relation to SST Implementation
  • Discover the blind spots and pitfalls which clients don’t know
  • Discover workflow which client do not know yet running on it
  • Assess risk and impact
  • Present issues and remedies
  • Provide a report at the mind